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REFINED Kids are personalized expression and name necklaces for children. Featuring our signature safety pop-open clasp and sensory stimulating BPA free silicone beads, your 3 and up tribe can safely and stylishly express their individuality.
REFINED Teething & Nursing Necklaces are made from 100% safe certified silicone and natural organic wood beads. Soothe itchy sore gums and offer immediate teething relief, while maintaining your personal fashion & style .
Amber de lux
Amber de lux Genuine Baltic amber wellness jewelry for teens & adults uniquely feature larger beads for added wellness. Baltic amber is known to aide in pain relief from teething, arthritis, migraines , stress, and more.



Excellent brand, excellent products and excellent service! This brand exceeded my expectations πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

Francesca PaceGaia & Nina Blog

Love my silicone necklace and my 6 month old teething daughter loves it even more. Great concept, great idea, so worth it ! Always look forward to buying my next one.

Daniela Maggi

I bought the serenity bracelet and enlighten necklace for my son who was teething at 3 months. As soon as I put them on drooling stopped and he even stopped putting his hands in his mouth. Still use them everyday he is 6 months. They did help to ease his discomfort.

Daphne Borg

Really love the 'Angel Of Mine Bola' necklace. It fits perfect on my baby belly.

Fie Gallorini

Of Motherhood | Grech & Co. Blog

Books & Better Sleep | A Motherhood Tale

Books & Better Sleep | A Motherhood Tale

Before we became Mamas, many of us dreamt of those 'little mama things' we will do, that will make us the kind of Mother we will be...Β  Β Read On to see how introducing story time before bed has helped me in my journey of Motherhood, has helped my toddler gain better sleeping patterns, and more...

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