Exchanges & Returns


Need a different size?  Item was not what you had in mind? No Problem. We offer hassle free returns and exchanges of unused items for whatever reason.  In order to give you sufficient time to inspect the item before use, you have up to 14 days from the date your item was received to make your return or exchange transaction. 


Send us an email through the Contact Us page including:

1. Your name and address

2. Your itemized order details & what you would like to return or exchange.  If an exchange, include what you want to exchange it for.

3. Reason for return or exchange

4. Evidence of Invoice or receipt from Grech & Co. with the date of purchase.

5. Evidence of the original packaging to show when you received the item.


How will the return work?

After we have received your email including information pertaining to numbers 1-5, you will then be asked to:

-Return the item in packaging, with bubble wrap protection to the given return address (if we receive the item without bubble packaging and damage has occurred, we cannot refund the item).

-Please be sure to use a bubble wrapped envelope or package.

 Your full refund will be sent within 3 days of our receipt of the item(s).


How will the exchange work?

After we have received your email including information pertaining to numbers 1-5, you will then be asked to:

-Send the item to be exchanged in bubble wrapped packaging. Inside the packaging, you will need to include with the item, a small note of what you would like to receive, in exchange for the item you are returning.
(We will arrange how you will pay the cost for the shipping of the exchange item, and how we will settle the +/- cost difference of any items you are exchanging). 


When we have everything we need (including each number 1- 5) and have received the return item, we will then have the exchanged merchandise in the mail to you within 3 business days.

Cant wait for the exchange process?

Exchanges can typically take three weeks or more to complete. If you would like to expedite the exchange process, you can place a new order online for the desired merchandise. We will mail out your exchange item at the same time you are sending us your return item. Once we receive the returned item, we will issue you the refund for your unopened and/or unused returned merchandise (minus the pre-arranged exchange fee). 



Please take note: 

*If you do not have sufficient evidence of purchase from Grech & Co. including the date of purchase, we cannot accommodate a return or exchange transaction.  Grech & Co. does not accept items from other suppliers for return or exchange.

*If item has been used or damaged, we cannot accommodate an exchange or return.


Expanded Return Policy:

Grech & Co. offers the opportunity to return purchased items that were received with faulty workmanship. Although we examine each item before shipping, it is possible we may have missed something.  If the item purchased was received with a defect, we offer a warranty for 24 months on all products. We do not however accept returns on items worn or used. 

We will assess any defects brought forth on a case by case basis.  If the items show sign of normal wear and tear, the offer is not valid. If the return is granted, we will also return shipping costs and may repair or accept the item for return.

It is recommended any defects noticed upon receipt of items purchased, be brought to our attention within the 14 day easy return period.