Q. What is Baltic Amber?

A. Amber from the Baltic has been around for more than an estimated 48 million years!! Incredible isn't it? Having existed for ages and ages, its no wonder it's power for healing, wellness, and vitality.  There are two aspects to why Baltic amber is an effective pain reducing entity, as well as a vitality, wellness, and pleasant- energy booster. With it's existence consisting of so many millions of years, the vibrational energies within each bead are said to be extremely high.  The alternative and more commonly discussed aspect is what is found within Baltic amber, called 'succinic acid'.  

Embodied in Baltic amber, is a healing agent called 'Succinic Acid'.  Baltic amber, also called 'Succinite" is known to contain higher levels of succinic acid than amber from any other region. Natural Baltic amber is not a stone, but a fossilized tree resin that has been formed over millions of years and found washed ashore of the Baltic regions.  It is warm to the touch, very light in weight, and therefore very comfortable to wear. In fact, throughout history, Baltic amber jewelry was worn by nobility and royalty. Ground resin from Baltic amber was, and still is, used in natural healing remedies. 


So how does Baltic amber help to ease pain and promote vitality? It is said that when worn directly against the skin, succinic acid works like a healing oil that enters the bloodstream through the skin, with the warmth of the body. 

When used as a drug free intervention for teething related symptoms, Baltic amber can offer relief from drooling and itchy, sore, and inflamed gums and cheeks. This in turn can reduce fussiness and irritability in the inflicted while improving overall wellbeing.


Q: How long does it take to work?

A: It can take up to 10-12 days to show effects.  Don't give up if you are not seeing any effects. Keep in mind that although you may not see the effect in one area, for example drooling, it still may be effective in other areas such as less overall pain, less rosy cheeks, and fussiness. If you are still doubtful after 12 days, try cleaning it and charging it in the sun for 3 hours and put it back on.  Don't hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions or concerns.  We are here for you.


Q:  Does it need to be 'Baltic' amber.

A: Yes. Amber found in the Baltic regions have the highest levels of succinic acid.  If you are wearing amber purely for aesthetic purposes, then it does not matter where your amber is from.  However, if you are wearing amber for its healing properties, then it should be 'Baltic' amber.


Q: There are different designs. Do they all do the same job?

A: Yep. Although the ones with semi precious stones offer other metaphysical properties, which might be better for older toddlers and children. For teething it is recommended an all amber piece.


Q: I have heard lighter colored amber is better.  Is it true?

Some people have reported lighter and raw (unpolished) amber to have a slightly higher percentage of succinic acid. Unpolished and lighter amber is closer to its natural state, which could be the reason for this rational. However others say the percentage is so small that one wouldn't notice the difference. We recommend choosing the amber that you are most drawn to.

Tip: When trying to decide between raw unpolished and a polished design, take into account that unpolished may irritate eczema in a person who already suffers from it.


Q: My child has bouts of eczema, which amber should I choose?

A: Some parents have reported eczema increase when raw (unpolished) amber is worn. If your child has eczema, it is best to choose a polished design.


Q: How often should i wash it?

A: Wash it at least once a month or when you see a film building up on the beads. The objective is to clean the outer part of the amber so the succinic acid can be easily released. 


Q: Does having a necklace used as a bracelet have the same benefits as when its worn as a necklace?

A: Yep, because its the same amount of amber on the skin. It does not matter how its worn, as long as its worn directly on the skin.  A necklace double wrapped will be more effective than a bracelet, as more amber is more effective.


Q. Can you wear too much amber?

A: No, you cannot overdose on amber.


Q: Does it matter where on the body it is worn?

A: No.  The heat of the body will activate the release of succinic acid which is then said to be released into the bloodstream, giving a holistic effect.


Q: Does it get old or stop working?

A: No. Amber does not lose its succinic acid which is the healing agent found in Baltic amber.  If you avoid wearing it in water and make efforts to take care of the thread, your jewelry pieces will stay intact.  


Q: How do I clean and care for my amber?

A: We recommend cleaning then recharging your jewelry once a month, in the sun for 3 hours, to reactivate the oils to the surface of the beads (especially after a bad bout of teething, drooling, illness).


Q: So 'amber' is the stone from which these bracelets are made?

A: It is a tree resin that has formed over millions, of years.