About Us

Grech & Co. welcomes you and your family to comfort and ease, beauty and delight.  Our core foundation is based on our love for quality products that cater to both parent and child. Each collection is made up of statement pieces that serve a purpose yet are aesthetically beautiful, offering value for years to come. Each piece will have carried you and your little through major life events, creating a sentimental heirloom jewelry that can be passed through generations.

Our collections are soulful and timeless.  Each product is chosen and designed to nurture the developmental and intellectual growth of the child.  

When shopping with us, your screen serves merely as a virtual walk up counter, therefore, don't hesitate to click the 'Contact Us / Chat" button and a response will come within 24 hours.  I am truly happy to help you with any questions, feedback, or queries you may have.

Meet the Maker:

My name is Janet and I am a mother to 3 little loves.  After much inspiration from my first two babies, I launched Grech & Co. in early 2017. It is safe to say I am no stranger to the challenges of motherhood and smart and stylish products that make our lives easier, more fun, and fabulous- all at the same time! I love our collections and the process of designing them. I stand by them so much so that you can spot myself and my own children with them on most of the time.

As a credentialed teacher with a Masters in Education for young children with and without special needs, I use my knowledge base in the choosing and designing process of our products.  I want our products to facilitate wellbeing, growth, and development of children at different stages in life, while enriching the life of the parents and guardians as well.

It is our sincerest hope your total experience shopping with us exceeds yours and your little love's needs and desires, and that you 'walk out our door' with a smile.

With much kindness,

Grech & Co.