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Baltic Amber Jewelry: How to clean and care for your precious gems

Your baby has been wearing their amber since before they could sit up or even walk or talk. It has carried them through the toughest times of babyhood - teething.  

Suffering from migraines, stress, depression, carpal tunnel and other ailments can be debilitating at times.  When you finally find something that actually helps, you want to hold on to it forever.  With Grech & Co. Amber de lux Baltic amber, YOU CAN!

Through proper care, your precious gems can become a treasured family heirloom and wellness solution, passed on to the next generation of babies, when that precious time comes.


Amber is a valuable property and should be treated as such, therefore we provide each amber purchase with a linen pouch to store your beloved amber in. Take care to keep separate from other contents though, to avoid scratching or breakage.

In caring for your jewelry:

  • Wash amber in warm water (without any soaps or chemicals). With a soft cloth, remove any film or build up covering the amber. This will allow the succinic acid to better release from the beads. 
  • You can polish your amber with olive oil to bring more shine if you wish.
  • Do not expose to chemicals, chlorines, soaps, make up, or perfumes.
  • Store in your Grech & Co. drawstring bag to avoid exposure to oxidation and scratches from harsh surfaces.
  • To recharge your amber, cleanse with warm water and allow to dry in the sun for up to 3 hours; take care not to over expose to the sun. For more recharging tips see Metaphysical Properties.


Helpful TIPS:

  • It is best to remove amber when entering water, such as a bath or swimming in the ocean.  Although our TYTAN -10 thread is of the highest quality, exposure to water can wear it down.
  • Amber de lux has a clasp safety feature that causes the thread of one clasp end to pop off and release under strong pressure.  Be careful not to stretch your jewelry too tightly, to avoid activating this safety feature. 


Grech & Co. wishes you wellness and vitality for years to come!

Introducing our first 2 Collections!

Introducing our first 2 Collections!

It is with great excitement, we bring you Chewel Charms and Amber de lux by Grech and Co. 

Amber de lux genuine Baltic amber jewelry for children and adults, make the perfect heirloom jewelry. Our adult collection showcases larger beads to suit the proportions of a larger body, making them unique to the adult amber jewelry market. Baltic amber has been worn for thousands of years by adults for it's pain relief and health promoting properties, if not for its aesthetic beauty. Today, many parents adorn their children with Baltic amber to aide them during periods of physical growth that can be found painful or uncomfortable. Grech & Co. Amber de lux quickly turns into sentimental pieces that can be passed down between generations. With timelessness, and intrinsic value, Amber de lux emulates true beauty, while offering substance to you and your whole family.   

Goddess necklace


As co-founder of Chewel Charms, my partner Julia and I started designing these "super smart" eco and baby -friendly silicone necklaces for our personal use. Chewel Charms came into form, offerring families of little ones a way to meet both of our needs throughout the day. Chewel Charms provides a baby friendly fashion statement for adult and readily available entertainment and teething relief for little one. As caretakers to small ones, our lives are mostly non-stop.  Chewel Charms makes it easier for you to run around town, dine out, baby wear, nappy change, stand in line, finish chores and so forth. We want to make your day easier and prettier and your little one's day happier.

With Love,

Grech & Co.

Welcome and Hello

Welcome and Hello

Grech & Co. embodies the true nature of family first, style, motherhood and wellbeing. I fell in love with silicone and Baltic amber jewelry through my own experiences in child rearing.

As co founder of Chewel Charms, my partner Julia and I shared the same love for these "so smart" necklaces, that we had to make them available for other families too! Both these products or so unique in their function. They offer beauty and fashion sense while offering substance to you and your child.  Their function and purpose in serving adult and baby at the same time, make them valuable in a unique way not to be compared.

When shopping with us, your screen serves merely as a virtual walk up counter, therefore, don't hesitate to click the 'Contact Us" button and a response will come within 24 hours.  I am truly happy to help you with any questions, feedback, or queries you may have.
Behind the 'Contact Us' button

I am the woman behind Grech and Co. My name is Janet and I am a mother to 3 little loves aged 2 and 4 years, and a 4 month old. Educated in California as a credentialed teacher in general and special education, after much inspiration from my first two babes, I launched Grech & Co. on my maternity leave for baby number 3. Its safe to say I am no stranger to the challenges of motherhood and genius products that make our lives easier, more fun, and fabulous- all at the same time! I love our products and the process of designing them, and I stand by them so much so, that you can spot myself and my own children with them on most of the time.
It is our sincere hope your total experience shopping with us exceeds yours and your little loves' needs and desires, and that you 'walk out our door' with a smile.