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What is the Ultimate Necklace Every Woman, Mother with Baby, & Child Needs to Have?

What is the Ultimate Necklace Every Woman, Mother with Baby, & Child Needs to Have?

Finally, a beaded necklace that won't tarnish, chip, discolor, irritate skin, break - and with all these amazing qualities, won't break the bank!


REFINED | Silicone Bead Necklaces are beautiful necklaces made of safe silicone beads that only reveal their material by touch.  Designs inspired by eras past and present, adorn yourself with a timeless, iconic, and classic look for every occasion and time of the day.  Not just limited to women's fashion, let your little one express them self with REFINED KIDS. A signature design to Grech & Co., you can accessorize your child with our safe children's necklaces. Combining expression, individual style, and safety, these make a truly fun fashion accessory for children.


Necklaces for Women

Although our necklaces are popular amongst mothers with babies, with designs that are beautiful and on trend, they are lovely for all women to wear... You don’t need a teething baby to wear these beauties!

Made with an easy to close and open plastic pop clasp, they are hassle free to put on and take off, and are perfect for women who get skin irritations or allergies from metal jewelry.

Beads are made of the highest quality silicone, making each bead resistant to discoloring, fading, chipping, tarnishing, and breakage.  




Necklaces For Momma and Baby

For moms who love to wear jewelry, teething can make it difficult to wear any kind of jewelry what so ever. Teething is just no fun for anyone. However, we have made it OK to accessories your Jeans and T or Gala dress with Baby in tow. With REFINED silicone teething necklaces / nursing necklaces, you can:

* prevent little one from sticking everything in their mouth; replacing the nasties with something safe, readily available, and approved.  

* prevent broken necklaces from happening

* offer immediate relief of painful, itchy, swollen gums.

* relieve drooling, red cheeks, fussiness, and overall discontent.

* distract baby during nappy changes, baby wearing, and nursing.

* entertain baby in your lap or on your hip.


What are the safety standards behind REFINED teething necklaces?  

Each Necklace:

* is BPA Free

* made with Food Grade Silicone material

* is Non Toxic

* is Phthalate, Lead, and Cadmium - FREE

* Will not harbor Bacteria 

* Has a Safety Break-Open Clasp


Beautiful for Momma to Wear : Baby Friendly 

Safe for baby to tug, gnaw on, and play with while worn by mum, each necklace is made with a perfect baby friendly length and sophisticated design, ensuring both momma and baby love their necklace equally!  The break away clasp ensures the necklace will release safely without beads spilling, in the event of tough tugs or little one trying on mommas beads.




REFINED KIDS | Fidget Friendly, Sensory Stimulating, Safe Children's Necklaces

Want to share the love with your 3 and up tribe? These adorable fidget friendly accessories add a sweetness and charm to your big boy's or big girl's day. Secured with a pop off clasp, your child can express their unique individuality with a fun-loving and bite safe fashion statement, bringing you peace of mind that it will pop off under pressure. REFINED KIDS are safe and multi-sensory accessories, making them perfect for the 3 + crowd to wear!



Welcome fuss free and style savvy days ahead!
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Amber de Lux Wellness Jewelry | Baltic Amber Necklaces, Bracelets and Anklets

Amber de Lux Wellness Jewelry | Baltic Amber Necklaces, Bracelets and Anklets


Grech & Co.'s Amber de lux jewelry, made of Baltic Amber and genuine Semi-Precious gemstones, are the perfect heirloom jewelry. Used as the go-to drug free solution for aches and pains, Baltic amber is known to promote health and vitality. Worn for aesthetic pleasure or healing purposes, each piece makes a life-long sentimental item that, with proper care, can remain within the family for generations to come.


Handcrafted in Lithuania, our jewelry is made from raw amber that comes only from Kaliningrad in Russia, Gdansk in Poland, and Ukraine.  Baltic amber has been worn throughout history for thousands of years all over the world. It is no secret why Baltic amber is still around today! 


With larger beads at 6-8 mm a piece, Grech & Co.'s Adult Amber de lux are more effective than other adult amber on the market, featuring the smaller children's sized beads. Larger beads means higher levels of succinic acid, thus effectively


  • reducing irritability, drooling, itchy-red gums and cheeks associated with teething.
  • reducing the occurrence of migraines or headaches, and pain resulting from them.
  • aiding in depression.
  • alleviating pain from arthritis and carpal tunnel.

    With amber, more is better.  After all, you can't overdose on amber.



    Q: How long does it take to work?

    A: It can take up to 10-12 days to show effects.  Don't give up if you are not seeing any effects. Keep in mind that although you may not see the effect in one area, for example drooling of a teething baby, it still may be effective in other areas such as less overall pain and fussiness, improved skin and cheeks, and better sleep. If you are still doubtful after 12 days, try cleaning it and charging it in the sun for 3 hours and put it back on.  Don't hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions or concerns.  We are here for you.


    Q: Why does it need to be 'Baltic' amber.

    A: Amber found in the Baltic regions have the highest levels of succinic acid.  If you are wearing amber purely for aesthetic purposes, then it does not matter where your amber is from.  However, if you are wearing amber for its healing properties, then it should be 'Baltic' amber.


    Q: There are different designs. Do they all do the same job?

    A: Yep. Although the ones with semi precious stones offer other metaphysical properties, which might be better for older toddlers and children. For teething it is recommended an all amber piece.


    Q: I have heard lighter colored amber is better.  Is it true?

    Some people have reported lighter and raw (unpolished) amber to have a slightly higher percentage of succinic acid, but this would only be by a very small percentage. We recommend choosing the amber that you are most attracted to.

     Q: How often should i wash it?

    A: Wash it at least once a month or when you see a film building up on the beads. The objective is to clean the outer part of the amber so the succinic acid can be easily released.  


    Q: Does it help with stubbornness for 3 year olds?

    A: :). It is said Baltic Amber helps with overall calmness and ease of stress.  Succinic acid in Baltic amber is said to improve vitality and strengthen the immune system, which in turn will ward off colds and illness. Adults wear amber too for its calming and health promoting properties.  Amber is not only for teething little ones. If you know about chakras and metaphysical properties, amber is considered a highly valued healing and protective crystal. Read more about Wellness Jewelry for children and Adults here


    Q: Does having a necklace used as a bracelet have the same benefits as when its worn as a necklace?

    A: Yep, because its the same amount of amber on the skin. It does not matter how its worn, as long as its worn directly on the skin.  A necklace double wrapped will be more effective than a bracelet, as it is more than twice the amount of amber. The more amber - the more effective.


    Q. Can you wear too much amber?

    A: No, you cannot overdose on amber.


    Q: Does it matter where on the body it is worn?

    A: Some believe the closer to the area of the body where the ailment is, the better effect. Otherwise, no, as long as its directly on the skin, it should have the same effect.


    Q: Does it get old or stop working?

    A:  Amber does not lose its succinic acid which is the healing agent found in Baltic amber.  If you avoid wearing it in water and make efforts to take care of the thread, your jewelry pieces will stay intact.   See our Clean and Care instructions. We recommend cleaning then recharging your jewelry once a month, in the sun for 3 hours, to reactivate the oils to the surface of the beads (especially after a bad bout of teething, drooling, illness).


    Q: So 'amber' is the stone from which these bracelets are made?

    A: It is a tree resin that has formed over an estimated 50 million years and is found washed ashore the Baltic regions. 




    For health and healing purposes, bear in mind your jewelry is to be worn directly on the skin, as opposed to over clothing.

     Children's amber that is too loose can slide off the wrist or ankle.  In this case, please secure anklets with a sock over it and supervise children when jewelry is worn.

    • Amber is effective for healing purposes when it is worn directly against the skin. 
    • Although we thread each bead individually with the highest quality TYTAN 10 thread, with time and wear, thread may stretch a small amount - **keep this in mind when sizing.

      When choosing the best size necklace for your child, measure the area to be worn:

      • Necklaces should have a 2 finger fit between the neck and the measuring device. 
      • Necklaces should never be able to slip over the chin and into the mouth. Amber teething jewelry are not for chewing on, but for direct skin contact only.


      Children's bracelets and anklets are best fitted with a small 1 finger fit between the skin and the measuring device.  




        Amber de lux uses only the finest genuine natural Baltic amber beadsAll of our jewelry is made from natural Baltic amber. Each bead is made from one piece of amber. The only treatment our amber receives is by autoclave, heating and polishing.  The quality of our jewelry can be seen in the finish of each bead. 

        Grech & Co. uses only certified genuine Baltic amber beads.  Each piece is tested individually and supported with a certificate ensuring genuine Baltic amber beads. When you receive your Amber de lux, you will have a certificate guaranteeing your genuine natural Baltic amber articles and a signature linen bag to preserve your amber jewelry in. 

        We ensure quality in detail through the finish of each individual bead: our beads do not break easily, are round, the holes for threads are in the middle, they have a strong gloss finish, and their color is bright.  Combining these details gives a good measure of quality, as the round shape shows the raw amber has been cut by skilled craftsmen and tumbled with high end machinery. Center holes point to experienced drillers and high quality drills. Our amber's strength in withstanding breakage while maintaining a nice light color, reflects a well balanced autoclave technique. Such strong gloss finish and bright colors can only be achieved by polishing beads for 48-72 hours straight. All of this work and effort is put into each Amber de lux bead. 



          Amber de lux jewelry uses only baroque shaped Baltic amber beads. The smoothness of each bead this shape offers, and warmth that Baltic amber naturally embodies, creates a comfortable wear with no irritation against the wearers skin. Worn directly against the skin for maximum health benefits, individual amber beads will meet the body's natural temperature therefore creating a subtle presence for the wearer, and allowing for a pleasurable and stylish wear. 


          TYTAN THEAD

            Strung on quality TYTAN 10 thread. Each bead is hand knotted individually. In the event of breakage, beads will not scatter and be individually exposed. All articles of jewelry are secured with a plastic screw clasp which will pop off one side of the thread in the case of relative increased pressure.




              Through the matching color of clasp to amber, it's natural presence is preserved .  Using screw clasps as opposed to metal clasps prevents skin irritation and possible allergic reaction. They also make for a safer wear with its thread release function. 

              These techniques, detail, and know how, is what makes Amber de lux amber of the highest quality.  





              Amber de lux necklaces, bracelets and anklets are beautiful for the body and soul. 

              Nature has gifted us since the beginning of time with remedies and agents to heal and soothe our ailments. From a metaphysical perspective, Baltic amber has stood the test of time. 

              Amber de lux Baltic amber is known to promote and aide in:

              • Emotional healing of depression and environmental clearing
              • Emotional calming
              • Balance of the emotions
              • Relief of muscle and joint pain
              • Increased blood flow
              • Improved immunity and vitality and draws out disease in the body
              • Opening and cleansing all of the chakras thus drawing out negative energy of all kinds on all levels
              • Increasing confidence, mental clarity, and creative self-expression when used with the Solar Plexus Chakra 
              • Alleviate stress
              • Strengthening memory

              Amber can be recharged by the sun or other sources of heat.  When recharging your jewelry, cleansewith warm water and let dry by placing in the sun for 1-3 hours. Be careful not to over expose amber to the sun as it is a fragile resin.


              Adult & Teen Amber de lux gemstone properties:

              Tiger Eye paired with dark cognac amber.  

              • Tiger eye's healing properties range from the relief of anxiety and fear while promoting a clear thinking and calmer stature. 
              • People with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ADHD) may benefit from tiger eye due to it's ability to impart focus, determination and perseverance.
              • Tiger eye is believed to help fight addictive behaviors. It may minimize cravings for foods and addictive substances.


              Children's Amber de lux gemstone properties:

              Green Jasper is a stone known to help children who are having trouble with a sleep routine.  It is also is a stone of protection against weather related illnesses such as influenza, bronchitis, and common cold.

              Rose Quartz is the stone of the heart.  It can help with emotional healing and promote self love and acceptance as well as defeat negative energies such as anger and jealousy.

              Red Garnet is sometimes called a "stone of health". Crystal healing specialists say that garnet can assist in healing acid reflux (GERD), ADD/ADHD, anemia, fertility, heart, immune system, lungs, physical strength, pituitary, reproductive system, skin, spine, as well as promoting rapid general healing and regeneration. It is also a stone that aides in positive growth, inner strength, love, and chakra alignment.



              You can buy your Amber de Lux by Grech & Co. jewelry here

              Find baby friendly Women's fashion silicone teething & nursing necklaces for immediate teething relief here

              Learn more about Amber de Lux, Sizing & Measurement, Safety, FAQ's, Quality Promise, and Metaphysical Properties here


              *Please note that healing crystal properties are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information. 

              *These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, or to replace medical advice. Information supplied is for general reference & educational purposes only. Due to small pieces, jewelry is not intended for children under 3 years of age without supervision. 


              Health & Wellness in Jewelry | Diffuser Bracelets, Baltic Amber Necklaces, and More

              Health & Wellness in Jewelry | Diffuser Bracelets, Baltic Amber Necklaces, and More

              With the fast paced, high pressure - hustle and bustle of today's world, we are all trying to improve our health one way or another.  These pressures however, are not only laid upon adults.  Our children feel it to do well in school, act a certain way, reach a certain goal... and so on. Just as life's pressures do not discriminate, neither does wellness!  Wellness comes in many forms. It can come from mantras to promote conscious inner peace, it can come from the food we eat, an active lifestyle, meditation, the thoughts we think, and the like. When we lead a healthy and balanced life, we can promote wellness and manifest positivity in not just our own lives, but also those around us. 

              At Grech & Co. we focus on family friendly wellness jewelry. We believe, when the individual is at peace, together great things can happen.  It is our true desire to bring ease, beauty, and wellness to the family as a whole, through jewelry.    

              Maybe you have heard of Baltic amber jewelry, but are not sure what they are and how they work.  Its a curious thing why millions of mothers and fathers swear by them as the drug free approach for teething pain and calming effects in their children. Did you knowBaltic amber necklaces, bracelets and anklets are worn by adults for stress relief and pain relief from migraines and arthritis?


              Magnetic jewelry, essential oil diffuser jewelry, and gemstone / crystal jewelry, are all classified under 'Wellness Jewelry'.  Baltic amber is also under the gemstone / crystal category, however it stands alone in its make up and origin, as well as its power and effect. How so?

              Baltic amber jewelry in the form of a necklace, bracelet, or anklet are highly sought after.   Light in weight, warm to the touch, and aesthetically beautiful, amber easily becomes like a second skin with its naturally beautiful, forget-its-there, wear.


              WHAT IS BALTIC AMBER?

              Amber from the Baltic has been around for more than an estimated 48 million years!! Incredible isn't it? Having existed for ages and ages, its no wonder it's power for healing, wellness, and vitality.  There are two aspects to why Baltic amber is an effective pain reducing entity, as well as a vitality, wellness, and pleasant- energy booster. With it's existence consisting of so many millions of years, the vibrational energies within each bead are extremely high.  The alternative and more commonly discussed aspect is what is found within Baltic amber, called 'succinic acid'.  

              Embodied in Baltic amber, is a healing agent called 'Succinic Acid'.  Baltic amber, also called 'Succinite" is known to contain higher levels of succinic acid than amber from any other region. Natural Baltic amber is not a stone, but a fossilized tree resin that has been formed over millions of years and found washed ashore of the Baltic regions.  It is warm to the touch, very light in weight, and therefore very comfortable to wear. In fact, throughout history, Baltic amber jewelry was worn by nobility and royalty. Ground resin from Baltic amber was, and still is, used in natural healing remedies. 


              So how does Baltic amber help to ease pain and promote vitality? It is said that when worn directly against the skin, succinic acid works like a healing oil that enters the bloodstream through the skin, with the warmth of the body. Throughout the world, for many generations, Baltic amber has been worn as a natural teething relief for teething babies.

              When used as a drug free intervention for teeth related symptoms, Baltic amber can offer relief from drooling and itchy, sore, and inflamed gums and cheeks. This in turn can reduce fussiness and irritability in the inflicted while improving overall wellbeing. But its benefits go much further. Recognized by allopathic medicine, parents choose Baltic amber for their babies and older children as well, for: 

              • calming effects on the body
              • reducing inflammation 
              • reducing the occurrence of fever and colds by strengthening the immune system
              • improves vitality and overall wellness
              • eases discomfort from growing pains
              • aides in effects of ADHD
              • reduce pain from ears and throat
              • relieve pain from skin conditions and aide in healing of skin conditions
              • eases pain from baby teeth, molars and wisdom teeth.
              • and more...

              However, Baltic Amber does not only help children. Baltic Amber has been known to increase blood flow and improve immunity and vitality which helps the body to fight off viruses and infection. Delivering relief from pain throughout the whole body, Baltic amber can improve overall well being.  

              For Adults, Baltic amber is worn to reduce pain from :

              • Arthritis
              • Migraines
              • Carpal Tunnel
              • Joint and Muscle pain
              • Depression
              • Stress Relief
              • Problems with the Thyroid
              • and more... 



              You can buy your Amber de Lux by Grech & Co. jewelry here

              Find baby friendly Women's fashion silicone teething & nursing necklaces for immediate teething relief here

              Learn more about Amber de Lux, Sizing & Measurement, Safety, FAQ's, Quality Promise, and Metaphysical Properties here


              *Please note that healing crystal properties are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information. 

              *These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, or to replace medical advice. Information supplied is for general reference & educational purposes only. Due to small pieces, jewelry is not intended for children under 3 years of age without supervision. 

              How Savvy Moms 'Mom the Day' in Style (and savvy ladies too!)

              How Savvy Moms 'Mom the Day' in Style (and savvy ladies too!)

              (This iconic image of John, Jacqueline and Caroline Kennedy was shot in Hyannis Port, Mass., in July 1958. (Estate of Jacques Lowe))

              All moms know how important it is to get dressed up every once in a while.  It helps us to feel - renewed and REFINED. That refreshing shower, bit of makeup, and cute outfit makes us a little more fierce in facing the day. But, every-once-in-a-while is simply not enough. It is too easy to get caught up in the everyday grind of motherhood.  As a mom to 3 kids including a baby and two toddlers, I really do know this all to well.  

              Grech & Co. vintage and mod inspired silicone necklaces, let you feel REFINED everyday, for all occasions - day or night.  Our necklaces have a classic, sophisticated, and chic essence to each piece. Mirroring the savviest designs from eras past, you will find only the most fashionable styles worn by starlets and icons. Think 1920's Pearl Necklace of the Flapper Girl Era, Art Deco, Jackie O', Classic Mod and Boho Chic.  Of course these are gorgeous for women to wear, but what does a statement necklace have to do with motherhood?

               If you are a mom, aunty, grandmother, or friend of someone with a teething baby, OR someone who likes inspired beaded necklaces, Read On

              As a mom to a young child, you may be asking yourself, "Why on earth would I wear a necklace with a baby? Won't the necklace just break eventually anyway when they yank it off my neck? And babies put everything in their mouth..."

              Imagine sitting at lunch - A much needed girls lunch. On your lap or in the highchair next to you is your babbling little bundle of joy, arms flailing around, pat patting (sounds more like BANG BANGING) the table. Fingers in mouth, drooling and grabby hands in full effect - a combination of it all.  

              Do you remember the toy Stretch Armstrong?  I swear my 9 month old has Stretch Armstrong arms, she can reach an item on the other end of the table! And I know she isn't the only one. Maybe you came prepared to lunch with some toys and snacks - i pad on emergency reserve. Within the first 15 minutes, snacks and toys end up sprinkling the floor below. Baby Einstein quickly flashes in your mind but you desperately push it away, for you promised yourself the i pad would be your last resort.

              So, once the appeal of bending down over and over again to pick up said toy, wears off, you find yourself left with the "stand and sway"- baby on hip, trying desperately to maintain the last moments of normal conversation before lunch is cut short.


              What if you could sit Stretch Armstrong on your lap to quietly and calmly entertain, and soothe and relieve those irritated sore gums?  Remember that necklace your girlfriends complimented you on, on your way in? That necklace is also baby friendly! It can serve as natural teething relief for little one to enjoy while on your lap or hip, in a restaurant, at church, in line at the market, and on-the-go.

              Welcome cuddles & conversation & and getting things done!!

              The secret is out. Momma's you CAN wear beautiful necklaces with classic statement style, and Babies, you can tug and chew on mommas jewels!

              Discover REFINED Silicone Bead Necklaces. Vintage and Iconic inspired Silicone Necklaces by Grech & Co.  

              Made of BPA free food grade silicone - the same silicone your baby sucks on with their pacifier.  Totally non-toxic, each bead is made from only the safest and highest quality with the savviest designs.  "Hello style savvy & baby friendly days ahead!!" 

              Don't have a babe to bite on your beads? Our necklaces have an easy to take on and off break-open clasp.  Each bead is of the highest quality silicone, ensuring no discoloration, tarnishing, scratching or breakage from wear over time.  For anyone with skin irritations or allergies to metals, these necklaces are yours for keeps. 


              Take a look at the new REFINED collection here.


              Baltic Amber Jewelry:  How to clean and care for your precious gems

              Baltic Amber Jewelry: How to clean and care for your precious gems

              Your baby has been wearing their amber since before they could sit up or even walk or talk. It has carried them through the toughest times of babyhood - teething.  

              Baltic amber is not partial however to teething.

              For us adults, suffering from migraines, stress, depression, carpal tunnel and other ailments can be debilitating at times.  When you finally find something that actually helps, you want to hold on to it forever.  With Grech & Co. Amber de lux Baltic amber, YOU CAN!



              Through proper care, your precious gems can become a treasured family heirloom and wellness solution, passed on to siblings and the next generation to come.


              Amber is a valuable property and should be treated as such, therefore we provide each amber purchase with a linen pouch to store your beloved amber in. Take care to keep separate from other contents though, to avoid scratching or breakage.

              In caring for your jewelry:

              • Wash you jewelry at least 1 time a month.
              • Wash amber in warm water (without any soaps or chemicals). With a soft cloth, remove any film or build up that may cover the beads. This will allow the healing agent (succinic acid) to resurface and easily enter the body. 
              • Allow your amber to air dry for 3 hours in the sun.  Do not over expose however.  The heat will recharge your amber and help to "reactivate" it.
              • You can polish your amber with olive oil to bring more shine if you wish.
              • Do not expose to chemicals, chlorines, soaps, make up, or perfumes.


              Helpful TIPS:

              • It is best to remove amber when entering water, such as a bath or swimming in the ocean.  Although our TYTAN -10 thread is of the highest quality, exposure to water can wear it down over time.
              • Amber de lux has a clasp safety feature that causes the thread of one clasp end to pop off and release under strong pressure.  Be careful not to stretch your jewelry too tightly, to avoid activating this safety feature. 


              Grech & Co. wishes you wellness and vitality for years to come!